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How Sneaky Is THIS?!?! Have You Seen This ‘SHOCKING’ Facebook Revenge Video?

by Mark Shpuntov on September 15th, 2010

So I’m sure if you’re on facebook, you’ve seen a link spread by your friends for a video of a guy getting a ‘SHOCKING’ revenge on his ex-girlfriend.

So, OK, I got curious…

When a couple of my friends liked it, I clicked through.

I ended up on this page:

This is the most ridiculously sneaky and yet incredibly creative campaign I’ve seen in a while…

The landing page has:

1. A Picture of a hot girl.
2. A capturing title
3. A box that shows how many people ‘liked’ this page on facebook (over 50 000 – and the domain seems to only have been activated on September 11 of this year, 4 days ago…)

The actual content of the video is blacked out, with an instruction to share click a ‘Share’ button to unlock it.

Right away, the fact that they are forcing people to like a video that they haven’t even seen makes me laugh.

So of course, I can’t resist, and I click on the share button, thinking I can always remove it from my profile.

After I click, I’m now presented with ANOTHER beautiful box that instructs me to fill out a survey to unlock this video…


So, now it’s even smarter!

Not only was I forced to share the video before I actually saw it, but now I’m forced to fill out a survey (CPA offers of course) to unlock this video…

I think one of the things that are really smart about it, is the fact that they make you jump through a smaller loop first (the facebook share) and then they make you jump through a bigger one. The nature of human beings is such, that after already sharing the video, they are SO MUCH MORE LIKELY to actually fill out those CPA surveys!

It’s almost like now they HAVE to watch the video, because they ALREADY SHARED IT!!! LOL

So I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I refused to fill out the survey.. lol

But now, I’m so curious about what the video is actually about!

Now THAT’S amazing (yet very sneaky) marketing.

All in all, I’m completely upset with how sneaky this technique is, but I just can’t help but praise the person who came up with it because it’s JUST SO SMART!!!

Please let me know if you’ve seen the video! I’m curious what it’s all about now!!! lol

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