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A BETTER Site Explorer? SeoMoz Open Site Explorer…

by Mark Shpuntov on September 13th, 2010

Hey Guys,

So if you’ve been around SEO for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve heard all about backlinks, and how crucially important they are to your Search Engine Rankings.

You’ve probably also heard of a great little free service from Yahoo! that allows you to check how many backlinks your site has, and where those backlinks are from…

I’m sure you’ve also realized the power of the Yahoo Site Explorer for spying on your competition and exploring their network of backlinks.

Well, for a long time, Yahoo! Site Explorer was really the only thing I used for checking backlinks, and to tell you the truth, it has always worked well for me.


I’ve recently found out about SeoMoz’s fantastic – and free – backlink checking tool, and I was very impressed!

It’s called Open Site Explorer, and it’s a powerful beast when it comes to analyzing backlink networks of either your own sites, or your competition’s.

Personally, my favourite thing about the SeoMoz Open Site Explorer is the fact that they offer metrics that give you an idea as to how powerful each backlink is.

They even display the links in order, so you can see exactly which links are the most powerful and useful for SEO.

You can imagine how great this is when you’re trying to find the links you need to overtake your competitor’s site in the search engines!

SeoMoz has a PRO tools section, but the Open Site Explorer is free to use and most of the functionality is there for you to enjoy.

The other great thing is that you can run a comparative analysis of your site against your competitor’s site, and see the different factors that could be affecting your Search Engine rankings..

Go and check out the Open Site Explorer, I’m sure you will absolutely love it!

So, the question is:

Do you prefer the SeoMoz Open Site Explorer, or are you going to stick with the good old Yahoo! Site Explorer?

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  1. I still prefer to go with yahoo site explorer rather than seomoz .In order to see the complete analysis in the somoz i have to update for the seomoz pro.While yahoo site explore.I agree that it is not giving as precise data as seomoz .

    • Mark Shpuntov permalink

      Hi James,

      I agree with you, even though the opensite explorer has lots of great info, I do still use the Yahoo site explorer more.

      I think using a combination of the two is really the way to go…

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